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The CEO of the American non-profit organization Renew Democracy Initiative explained to "Telegraf" what Ukraine needs from the Peace Summit in Switzerland

Will there Be a Peace in Ukraine After the Summit in Switzerland? Unfortunately — No. Today, Russia is not interested in abandoning its imperial ambitions. Therefore, real, productive negotiations with the aggressor are only possible from a position of strength.

That's right. Many clear-headed American and European politicians understand that effective negotiations with Putin can only be conducted when his army is in a stalemate. Currently, with Russian troops storming the Kharkiv region and threatening Sumy and other areas, it is very naive to think that the Russians will be ready to make concessions, let alone accept Zelensky's formula.

I believe that from the so-called Peace Summit in Switzerland, it is crucial for Ukraine to first and foremost secure continued support from the civilized world. To unite Europe, the USA, and allies around the world, reminding them that by supporting Kyiv, they are supporting democracy and freedom globally.

Ukraine now needs as much weaponry and financial support as possible – let me remind you that frozen Russian assets in the USA and Europe can greatly aid your country. It is critically important for the White House to lead this process and not delay this decision.

The indecisiveness of the Biden Administration (including the uncertainty of whether anyone from the USA will participate in the Summit) already plays into the hands of the Kremlin. Moreover, such indecisiveness is already causing serious problems within the Democratic Party itself, which stands a significant chance of losing to Donald Trump and the Republican Party in a few months.

Traditionally, the American society is not very interested in foreign policy. We are a strong country with a powerful economy and military, so the main priorities for the average American are personal issues and domestic challenges – education, healthcare, immigration, and others. This is also evidenced by the broadcasts of the major American television networks.

You won’t see stories about the upcoming Peace Summit on CNN, and there are fewer reports about Ukraine, as even in foreign policy, more and more focus is shifting to the situation in the Middle East, specifically around Israel and Palestine.

These are alarming signals for both the USA and Ukraine. Instead of clearly demonstrating their support for Kyiv, Biden and his Administration are very slowly and with great difficulty making decisions about whether the Ukrainian army can attack Russian territory to defend the Kharkiv region. This is absurd!

The more opportunities we create for Putin, the more aggressive he becomes. The more we hesitate, the harsher the Kremlin behaves globally. Just consider Russia’s support for Iran and Hamas in the fall of 2023 – what did this lead to? Bloodshed and terrorism. Or, for example, the rapprochement between Russia and China, which poses significant risks to democracy worldwide.

All these are indicators pointing to the lack of a comprehensive strategy in the White House’s international policy. This is why it is crucial for Biden and his team, before it's too late, to quickly create all the conditions for Ukraine to dictate its terms to Russia on the battlefield.

This is primarily in the interests of the Western world. A failure in Ukraine risks not only costing hundreds of thousands of lives but also seriously impacting America itself. And then, perhaps, ordinary Americans will become more interested in world events, but will it be too late?

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